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SUB X CR 10ft 3.5lb


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    SUB X CR 10ft 3.5lb Retractable Customs

    For the last two seasons we have been testing these SUB X CR build 10ft 3.5lb TC retractables. Used and abused both at home and overseas they have proved themselves to be a versatile, capable and beautiful rod in a wide variety of situations.

    From Stoneacres, to club lakes, to margin work right up to the 14'000 acres of Orellana and 12oz leads they've coped fantastically with it all. With carp to 67lb from Europe, and 45lb back home they are a great new addition to our range. 

    As a 10ft retractable, they offer a compact, neat rod for travel and smaller vehicles, poke holes and ease of use in a boat, but are also well capable casting 3-4oz leads with 100 yards plus easily achievable, making them a highly versatile rod. The slim 3.5lb test curve blank is as forgiving as it is powerful, and is as suited to margin work back here in the UK as it is to boat dropping big leads and braid overseas. A true joy to play carp on which was one of our biggest demands from these rods. 

    Built by hand in the UK by the respected Cotswold Rods, they are finished beautifully as you would expect with some Sub touches - carbon line clips, discreet graphics and a laser engraved aluminium butt cap. These rods are without doubt some of the finest compacts on the market – a serious specification combined with superior build quality will always lead to a great product.


    - Bespoke blanks, manufactured exclusively for the SUB X CR range by American Tackle. Utilising a precision blend of carbon fibre materials for the ultimate progressive action.

    - Each blank is perfectly finished with a non scratch, 1k weave from butt to tip.

    - Full high density Duplon handles, including ‘old skool’ style front flare. With a slight flare at the rear, the handles are stylish, comfortable and durable.

    - The rods are fitted with a 40mm set of American Tackle 'Vortex Air' guides. These are incredibly light, tough and designed to handle anything.

    Affordable rods with a full custom finish, and no waiting times.