Established a decade ago from the simple desire to take an alternative look at the carp fishing scene and to celebrate what we believed to be the best it has to offer, Sub continues to create quality products designed and written by carp anglers, for carp anglers.

Real life stories, design, creative collaboration, quality photography and of course, beautiful carp are always at the heart of everything we do.


Back in 2011, our motivations and aims were really simple - bring together the finest writing and photography we could find, with the freshest design and print it all on some beautiful, sustainable papers - our focus being on simply making the experience the reader would get from it the best it possibly could be.

We wanted to stoke some motivation and celebrate what we believed to be the very best aspects of carp fishing, and the ones worth shouting about - the landscapes, the adventures, the friendships and camaraderie, and of course the carp themselves. We wanted carp fishing to be represented how we saw, and experienced it ourselves.  

'We wanted carp fishing to be represented how we saw, and experienced it ourselves'

Nearly ten years on, four big volumes, two mags and countless shows, posts, videos and hours behind the Mac later, we are still here, stronger than ever.

Fast forward to 2023 and we are still committed to finding the best carp and the most interesting characters, stories and material we can, as well as designing quality garments and working on collaborations with exciting artists, engineers and craftspeople. 

Our products are designed to be stylish, built to last and with the least environmental impact they can have - finished here in the UK, Fair Wear approved and with 100% Organic cottons and recyclable packaging wherever possible.

We're not a big set up, in fact there's just two of us. Founded back in 2012 by myself, Gareth Fareham, and joined recently by long time friend Charles, seen below with one of the rare Redesmere mirrors from back in the 90's when we first met - one thing carp fishing is truly great at is bonding friendships.

That was our story, we hope you become a part of it as well. Welcome to SUB


'As part of the overnight crew and weekend warriors ourselves, we also believed that would offer the most relatable and inspiring material for our readership'