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    For years now we've been getting requests for a big van sticker and have been sending out our logo to lads to get their own cut DIY style. Finally we have got around to producing some ourselves! Made by a local automotive and high-end signage company and a fellow carp angler

    Ultra tough, super high quality automotive vinyl; carwash, sun and scratch resistant. Two designs, two colours. Our classic circular icon, and a singular larger Divers icon.

    DIVER - 190MM WIDE, 280MM HIGH

    Shipping on the van stickers is a flat rate and they will be sent out separately in bespoke sized rigid card mailers to ensure they get to you in A1 condition.


    *Decide on the spot first!

    - Ensure the area the sticker is to be fixed on is clean, and free of any residues or grease.

    - Very carefully remove the sticker from the BACKING, leaving it all attached to the thin off-white holding paper.

    - Position, smooth out fully, ensuring all air bubbles are gone, and carefully remove the paper layer.