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SUBmag Issue 1


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    Ever since we started Sub way back in 2012 we have wanted to produce a more regular print magazine, finally, here it is. Our brand new, bi-annual, 140 page print mag has landed!

    The same Subsurface quality you know and love, twice a year, in a perfectly 'rucksack sized' format! Spring and Autumn, 144 pages, quality paper, and featuring some of the most driven and successful of the UK's young anglers, as well as some old heads. Content from guys you will undoubtedly know, and some you may well not.

    Each issue will have an over-arching theme. Issue 1 revolves about balance - work, life, family ... and carving out the time to get out there and make it happen. Themes pressing to all of us, and we hope as relatable as it is inspiring. Issue 1 sees us dig into the stories of a number of guys who have all made it happen in very different ways, on different waters, with different timeframes and different attitudes, but at base still with that same passion and drive for catching big carp.

    Fresh design, the finest photography, high grade carp and carefully curated content. The beating heart of what we do and love and the magazine you always wanted.

    Printed in the UK on sustainable FSC paper from an award winning print house. 

    Contributions from;

    - Briers - Vallory - White - Arebi - Alofs - Maker - Russell - Read - Gray - Kilgour - Davies - Biddulph - Bartley - Rowland - Jester - Karaborowicz - Stokes - Yeomans - Brazil - Cotelle - Wyatt -