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SUBmag Issue 2

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    The second issue of our brand new, bi-annual, print mag has landed! 148 pages of carefully curated content, delivered straight to your door

    The same Subsurface quality you know and love, twice a year, in a perfectly 'rucksack sized' format! Fresh design, the finest photography and high grade carp. The beating heart of what we do and love, and the magazine you always told us you wanted.

    Issue 2 revolves about motivation - we've always believed that at the core of it all, it is motivation that catches you carp. The most successful, the most driven, are always the most motivated, it just runs in the blood. Whether you've got one night a month, or three nights a week, finding the fire in your belly to go the extra mile and make the effort is always what makes the difference. Whether that be catching a few more a season, or just enjoying it all more along the way.. at base, it is all driven by the same thing - motivation. Where do lads find it, how do they keep it alive, and how do they juggle everything to chase the dreams? Those are some of the questions. 

    Once again we've tried to keep it all as relatable as we can, digging a bit deeper into what makes lads tick, and where they find that fire. We’ve often shied away from the big names in the game, but in this issue our cherry on the cake interviews have been taken right from the very, very top of the tree. Darrell and Myles are two lads who have steadfastly, unashamedly, and relentlessly pursued their goals in life, and carp fishing. Whilst we might not all be able to commit quite like they have, their stories are remarkably relatable and are full of the honesty, doubt and struggles with which I’m sure every one of us can identify. Alongside that there is the usual scattering of lads you may well not have heard of, but who are just as passionate and driven as anyone out there.  

    148 pages of interviews, opinions, words and beautiful photography about carp fishing, the characters that shape the scene, the places it takes them, and the carp that drive them. Printed here in the UK at an award winning press on heavy, sustainable paper with an offset litho process, for the highest quality images and colours.

    Your eyes and coffee table will thank you. And it will catch you more carp..   

    Contributions from;

    - Myles Gibson - Darrell Peck - Alan Blair - Mike Holly - Jake 'The Heron' Hughes - John Cash - Wijnand Van Hemert - Tom White - Kees Jan't Mannetje - Toby Price - Oscar Thornton - Dan Yeomans - Oz Holness - Tim Rowland - Dave Ellyatt - Thibaut Cotelle - Ben Allen - Ju and Romain Blot